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167 Vietnamese scientists and academics are sending their forewarning letters to many scientific journals as well as news outlets to alert to the wider public outside of Vietnam about the sinister acts of the Chinese government, for using its scientists to insert a doctored map of China in their articles to be destined for circulation in scientific and non-scientific journals around the world.
The hand drawn map blatantly encircles nearly all of the Southeast Asia Sea with the area of about 3,500,000km2, East of Vietnam (named by Vietnamese as the East Sea) as her “historical” waters. The hand drawn 9 dotted sea boundary line is widely dubbed as the cow tongue shape line.
In four weeks from 05 September 2011, the group has posted the forewarning letter to more than 100 journals, research institutions, news outlets, telecommunication groups in many countries to alert them about this sinister act of aggression of the Chinese government to the territories of Vietnam and other small countries in The Southeast Asia regions.

For more information, please contact Hung Nguyen, email
06 October, 2011

Below is the full text of the letter with the names of 167 signatories.

RE: China's map incorrectly claiming most of Southeast Asia Sea as her territorial waters

Dear Sir:

RE: Chinese maps incorrectly claiming most of the South China Sea as her territorial waters.

We are a group of academics and professionals from Vietnam or of Vietnamese heritage who live in various parts of the world. We wish to alert your publication to the cartographic legerdemain that academics and professionals from China have been using in the articles that they submit to publications with a worldwide audience, such as Journal of Geographical Sciences (August 2010), Nature (September 2010), Science (July 2011), Waste Management (August 2011), and Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (August 2011), to name just a few.

The legerdemain involves the depiction of disputed waters and islands in the South China Sea as belonging to China in maps illustrating their articles in tandem with the deletion of the claims of neighboring countries, namely Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This is part of a concerted effort by China to “authenticate” her territorial claims.
Please review the maps below to see how the sleight of hand is performed.

Doctored map of China: Countries of South East Asia
excluded Southeast Asia Sea included in a 11-dashed
zone, aka the “cow tongue”

In the past few years, China has arbitrarily and unilaterally claimed virtually the whole South China Sea as her “historical waters.” This area of about 3,500,000km2, also referred to as the East Sea by Vietnam, encircles the Paracel and Spratly archipelagos and has been a subject of a territorial dispute among Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and China. It is noted that China wrested control of the Paracels and some western islands of the Spratly Archipelago from Vietnam after bloody naval battles in 1974 and 1988.

China’s territorial claims to the hand-drawn, U-shaped, 11-dashed line zone in the doctored map (figure A) that these Chinese academics and professionals have inserted in their articles have neither scientific facts nor geographical information to certify their authenticity. They also defy the internationally recognized legal basis as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which China ratified in 1982. The UNCLOS 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone boundary lines of the East Sea are shown as blue dotted lines in figure B.

Inserting doctored maps of China that cover virtually the whole South China Sea in articles originating from Chinese institutions and destined for scientific and non-scientific journals worldwide is part of the Chinese government’s ploy. China is hoping that over time the frequent appearances of such maps in well-known publications and the absence of challenges from editors and readers will help establish de facto recognition of her claims over the disputed lands and waters.

In the interest of truth and integrity, we respectfully ask you to be on the alert and not lend the imprimatur of your prestigious publication to this unacceptable ploy.
Yours sincerely,
On behalf of signatories
Hung Nguyen, Sydney Australia


1 Hoang Tuy Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Mathematics, Hanoi Vietnam
Le Dang Doanh Ph.D., Central Institute of Economic Management, Hanoi Vietnam
Vu Gian Economics, former Consult. of Swiss. State.Sec. of Eco., Switzerland
Pham Xuan Yem Ph.D., Professor, University of Paris 6, France
Nguyen Dang Hung Ph.D., Professor University of Liège, Belgium
Hoang Anh Tuan Kiet Ph.D., CEA, France
Trinh Khanh Tuoc Ph.D., New Zealand
Tran Ngoc Bich Ph.D. (Economics), CFP, E.A., USA
Nguyen Thuong Son Ph.D., Australia
Tran Mai Ph.D., Australia

11 Le Ta Cam Tu MSc. in nanoScience, NSC, Finland
Le Ngoc Ly Ph.D., Professor, USA
Tran Dinh Hoi Ph.D., Professor, Vietnam Academy for Water Resource, Vietnam
Bui Quang Hien Ph.D., National Research Council Canada, University Laval,Canada
Le Van Ut Ph.D., University of Oulu, Finland
Nguyen Dang Luong Ph.D., Aalto University, Finland
Nguyen Van Hieu Ph.D., Professor, University of Technology and Management, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phan Duy hien Ph.D., Atomic Energy Agency, Vietnam
Cao Chi Ph.D., Professor, Atomic Energy Agency, Vietnam
Nguyen Trong Binh Ph.D., California, USA

21 Nguyen Ngoc Author – writer, Danang, Vietnam
Lam Quang Thiep Ph.D., Professor, Than Long University, Hai Noi, Vietnam
Phung Ho Hai Ph.D., Institute of Mathematics, Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen Van Tuan University of News South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Duong Tuong Ha Ph.D., Professor, University of Compiègne, France
Nguyen Anh Ky Ph.D., senior researcher, Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tara T. Van Toai Ph.D., USA
Norman N. VanToai Ph.D., USA
Tran Minh Phuong M. Tech, Australia
Ngo The Hoanh M.Eng.Sc., P.Eng., Canada

31 Tran Ba Tuoc M. Com., Vietnam
Bui Viet Long B.E. Mech, Vietnam
Nguyen Van Xa M.E. Civil, USA
Bguyen Van Tu M.Com. (Econ.), New Zealand
Nguyen Quoc Lap Ph.D.,USA
Huynh Huu Han B.S. Tech (Food), USA
Duong Van Tuyet M.Com. (Econ.), USA
Bien Cong Danh M.E. Elect, New Zealand
Ngo Minh Triet P.E. Civil, USA
Nguyen Huu Kho Ph.D.(Chem Eng), P.E., USA

41 Truong Nham Ph.D, Australia
Truong Kim Ngoc B.E. Chem, USA
Le Ba Hong M.Sc, Australia
Ngo Tung Huynh B, Agr.Sc, Australia
Vu The Hung B.S. Comp., USA
Nguyen Danh Ngon P.E. Civil, USA
Nguyen Thi Mai Chi B.Com., USA
Nguyen Bich Lien B.A. Edu., USA
Dinh Mui B.A. Edu., Australia
Bui Sy Tuan Ph.D, MBA, MSCIS, USA

51 Tran Quang Duong B Technology (Food), M.A., New Zealand
Bui Thi Bich Chau M.A., USA
Nguyen Thien Nga B.S. Comp., New Zealand
Do Thi Nhung B.A. Edu., USA
Nguyen The Hung Ph.D., Professor, University of Danang, Vietnam
Nguyen Do Khanh Ph.D., Australia
Vuong Ngoc Diep M.Com.,Economics, USA
Vuong Thanh Truc B.A.Edu, USA
Pham Phan Long P.E, Chairman Viet Ecology Foundation, USA
Vu Quyet M.A.Edu., USA

61 Marie Dung Burns M.A. Edu., New Zealand
Le Thu Lieu B.E. Chem, New Zealand
Ngoc Bich Baecker MTA. CANDMED, Germany
Nguyen Van Hao M.E. Civil, Australia
Le Thi Tinh Tien M.Com, Economics, Australia
Nguyen Thi Mong Trinh B.A, New Zealand
Dang Ngoc Hung M.B.A, CPEng, Australia
Nguyen Huu The M.E. Mech., USA
Le Cong Hoai Vong M.Sc. Environment service, USA
Do Gia Tuyen B.E. Elect, Saudi Arabia

71 Le Quang Long B.E. Mech, New Zealand
Ngo Khoa Ba M.B.A., USA
Nguyen Hung B.E. Chem, Australia
Nguyen Manh Hung Ph.D., Professor, University Laval, Québec, Canada
Nguyen Hoai Tuong Msc, Vietnam
Chu Hao Ph.D., Professor, Vietnam Union of Sc&Tech Ass, Hanoi Vietnam
Nguyen Trung Author, Writer, Former Ambassadorto Thailand, Hanoi Vietnam
Pierre Darriulat Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Physics, Hanoi Vietnam
Nguyen Ngoc Duyen Engineer, Australia
Vo Quy Ph.D., Professor, Vietnam National University, Hanoi Vietnam

81 Do Hung Journalist of THANH NIEN, HCM City, Vietnam
Tran Van Tho, Ph. D. Professor, Waseda University Tokyo, Japan
Tran Nam Binh Ph. D., A. Prof. New South Wales, Australia
Nguyen Minh Khanh PhD, Research Associate, Case Western Reverse University, USA.
Tran Thanh Van Ph. D. Directeur de Recherche émérite, Université Paris XI, Orsay, France
Phan kim Pham MS Biochemistry, San Jose, California, USA
Truong Nguyen Tran Ph. Dr. Directeur de Recherche (retired), Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau, France
Nguyen Thi Thu Nga Master student of Food Technology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Nguyen Tuong Duc PhD, Ottawa, Canada
Nguyen Hung Bachelor in Information Technology, University of Science HCM City, Vietnam

91 Nguyen Xuan Dien Ph.D., Institute of Social Sciences, Hanoi, Vietnam
Ngo Van Gia Ph. D., A. Prof. Head of Depart. of Literature, University of Culture, Hanoi, Vietnam
Ngo Duc The PhD, Research Fellow, National University of Singapore
Dinh Kim Phuc Research Fellow (South-East Asia Studies), Open University, Vietnam
Nguyen Dinh Nguyen Ph.D., Garvan Institute of Medical Research Sydney, Australia
Nguyen Duc Hiep Atmospheric Scientist, Office of Environment and Heritages, NSW, Australia
Nguyen Trong Đong Ph.D., Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC), Vietnam
Pham Trang Ph.D. student, University of Calgary, USA
Nguyen Van Hoang Ph.D. Student, University of Montpellier, France
Nguyen Tri Dung. Msc, Naval Architect, University of Liège, Belgium

101 Dao Tien Khoa Institute for Nuclear Science & Technique, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tran Van Khe Ph.D., Professor, University of Sorbonne Paris, France
Nguyen Van Duc Mechanical worker
Vo Van Toi Ph.D., Professor, Tufts University, Medford, MA 02155, USA
Dang An Quốc Ph.D. VA Long Beach Medical Center. CA, USA
Cao Duc Toan Former EMMC student, Ph.D. Stuent, Lisbon, Portugal
Hong Trung Dung B.E. Computer Science, Purdue University, USA
Le Tung Mai PhD candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia.
Pham Thanh Van Ph.D student, Helmholtz Institute for Infection Research, Germany.
Hoang Anh Dung MD, Hopital Erasme, Belgium

111 Trieu Chinh MD, MPH, Ha Noi, VietNam
Dang Hoai Nhon Research Fellow, National University of Hanoi, Vietnam
Le Anh Tuan Lecturer, University of Can Tho, Vietnam
Tran Dinh Ngoc Ph.D., Soil Mechanics, Institite of Civil Engineering, Hanoi, Vietnam
Pham Quang Dong Ph.D. Student, Water Resource University, Viet Nam.
Nguyen Vu Hieu Ph.D., A. Prof., University Paris-Est, France
Đinh Tien Dong Van M.E, Bridge and Tunel, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Nguyen Duy Liem Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University, U.S.A.
Phan thi Ngoc Mai Former Editor-in-Chief of the journal Phu Nu, HCM City, Vietnam
Tong Van Cong Former Editor-in-Chief of the journal Lao Dong, HCM City, Vietnam

121 Pham Hong Luan Ph.D NUT
Bui Quoc Tuan Ph.D., Independent consultant Hanoi, Vietnam
Le Van Duong Student (accountancy), National University of HCM City
Tran Viet Tu Ph.D., Prof., Saint Dizier, France
Đam Thi Tuyet MB, School of Commerce, University of South Australia, Adelaide.
Trinh Viet-Nam Ph.D, Paris, France.
Tran Thi Hong Ph.D., Gent University, Belgium
Nguyen Duc Tue Ph.D., Geophysics. Hanoi, Vietnam
Dang Hoang Kien Ph.D., Toronto, Canada
Do Tuan Nghia Master, National Taiwan University of Science &Technology

131 Le Hieu Dang Lawyer, Former Vice President of the Fatherland Front of HCM City, Vietnam
Vu Trong Thu FSpace laboratory, FPT University, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tran Minh The Ph.D., Associate Professor, Institute of Inf. and Doc. of Geogy, Hanoi
Duong Toan Trung, MD. Cho Ray Hospital - Hemodialysis Department, HCM City, Vietnam
Nghiem Phu Nhuan Ph.D., Adjunct Professor Clemson University, USA
Joe Nguyen Electrical Engineer, USA
Le Xuan Khoa Ph.D., Former Professor of University of Saigon and Johns Hopkins, Washington, USA
Bach Thi Diep Ph.D. BTP, Rennes, France
Dinh Van Manh Ph.D., A. Prof. Institude of Mechanics Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen Dinh Tri Ph.D., Professor, Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam.

141 Nguyen Tuyet Minh NEU, Vietnam
Vu Thuy Huong Master of Development Economics, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Banh Thien Huu IT project Manager, Houston Texas, USA.
Mai Suan Li Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Physics, Polish Acad Sci
Ngo Huynh Buu Trong PhD Candidate, NST, Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan
Nguyen Duc Do Ph.D Candidate, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan.
Nguyen Thi Van Ha PhD Candidate, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
Nguyen Duc Vuong Ph.D Student in Hamburg, Germany
Tran Cuong Ba Dien MSc, HCM City, Vietnam
Mai Trieu Quang Engineer (Bridge and Highway), Deputy Team Leader of Construction, Vietnam

151 Tung Vu MS, PE, Los Angeles, California, USA
Nguyen Duc Do Ph.D Candidate, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan.
Nghiem Phu Nhuan Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Clemson University, USA
Dinh Van Manh Ph.D., A. Professor, Institude of Mechanics, Hanoi, Vietnam
Bach Thi Diep Phuong
Ph.D. of BTP, Rennes, France
Trinh Minh Tuan Ph.D., University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ha Van Han Engineer (Bridge and Highway), Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Vietnam
To Vinh Khuong Ph.D., Engr., Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH, Goettingen, Germany
Tran Ha Anh Dr.Sci., Atomic Energy Agency, Vietnam
Nguyen Tuan Phi Journalist, HCM City, Vietnam

161 Tran Cuong Ba Dien MSc, HCM City, Vietnam
Vu Ngoc Can Ph.D., Professor, University of Technology of Compiègne, France
Nguyen Thong Journalist, THANH NIEN daily, HCM City, Vietnam
Le Cao Hoai Nam Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO, Highett, Victoria, Australia
Nguyen Xuan Xanh Ph.D. in Math, Publicist, Ho Chi Minh City
Nguyen Dinh Thang Quang Nam, Vietnam
Nguyen Luong Quang CEA/Saclay, Astrophysics Division, France

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