Monday, October 24, 2011


October 24, 2011
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Dr Eric E. Schmidt, Chairman
Mr John Hanke, Director of Google Earth & Maps

c/o: Kate Hurowitz , Manager, Global Communications & Public Affairs

Re: the discrepancy of the border lines between Vietnam and China shown on and

Dear Dr Schmidt and Mr. Hanke:

During our drafting of a letter concerning China's current territorial claim of a very large swath of the South China Sea, our colleagues checked to see whether maps in would show the same details as those shown by . (Attn: our letter emailed to you on 20 October, 201, attached).

To our astonishment, the maps in the Google-affiliated websites from China are not the same although they cover the same areas. The map in the does not have the so-called "cow tongue" (China's terminology) dotted line in the South China Sea whereas that in the does.
We then rechecked the Vietnam-China land border along Lao Cai City which you informed us back in August 2010 that the error had been fixed. Again, the maps show the same discrepancy,that is,the map of the Lao Cai City in still shows the border line cutting through the city while that in does not.
Please review the two maps below to see their distinct differences about the border lines.

We would like to call your attention to the discrepancies of the maps involved. The maps in clearly favor China, which can be viewed as a serious breach of the principle of neutrality embraced by Google, and a grievous violation to the sovereignty of Vietnam.

We would appreciate it if you would look into this matter with a sense of urgency and have the discrepancies resolved in a very short time possible.

We and our fellow Vietnamese from all over the world are anxiously waiting for your reply.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,
On behalf of concerned Vietnamese
Hung Nguyen,, ,
Khoa Ba Ngo,
Quang Long Le,


1 Trinh Khanh Tuoc Ph.D., New Zealand
Tran Ngoc Bich Ph.D. (Economics), CFP, E.A., USA
Nguyen Thuong Son Ph.D., Australia
Tran Mai Ph.D., Australia
Tara T. Van Toai Ph.D., USA
Norman N. VanToai Ph.D., USA
Tran Minh Phuong M. Tech, Australia
Nguyen The Hung Ph.D., Professor, University of Danang, Vietnam
Ngo The Hoanh M.Eng.Sc., P.Eng., Canada
Tran Ba Tuoc M. Com., Vietnam

11 Bui Viet Long B.E. Mech, Vietnam
Nguyen Van Xa M.E. Civil, USA
Nguyen Van Tu M.Com. (Econ.), New Zealand
Nguyen Quoc Lap Ph.D.,USA
Huynh Huu Han B.S. Tech (Food), USA
Duong Van Tuyet M.Com. (Econ.), USA
Bien Cong Danh M.E. Elect, New Zealand
Ngo Minh Triet P.E. Civil, USA
Nguyen Huu Kho Ph.D., M.B.A., P.E., USA
Truong Nham Ph.D, Australia

21 Truong Kim Ngoc B.E. Chem, USA
Le Ba Hong M.Sc, Australia
Ngo Tung Huynh B, Agr.Sc, Australia
Vu The Hung B.S. Comp., USA
Nguyen Danh Ngon P.E. Civil, USA
Nguyen Thi Mai Chi B.Com., USA
Nguyen Bich Lien B.A. Edu., USA
Dinh Mui B.A. Edu., Australia
Bui Sy Tuan Ph.D, MBA, MSCIS, USA
Tran Quang Duong B Technology (Food), M.A., New Zealand

31 Bui Thi Bich Chau M.A., USA
Nguyen Thien Nga B.S. Comp., New Zealand
Do Thi Nhung B.A. Edu., USA
Nguyen Do Khanh Ph.D., Australia
Vuong Ngoc Diep M.Com.,Economics, USA
Vuong Thanh Truc B.A.Edu, USA
Pham Phan Long P.E, Chairman Viet Ecology Foundation, USA
Vu Quyet M.A.Edu., USA
Marie Dung Burns M.A. Edu., New Zealand
Le Thu Lieu B.E. Chem, New Zealand

41 Ngoc Bich Baecker MTA. CANDMED, Germany
Nguyen Van Hao M.E. Civil, Australia
Le Thi Tinh Tien M.Com, Economics, Australia
Nguyen Thi Mong Trinh B.A, New Zealand
Dang Ngoc Hung M.B.A, CPEng, Australia
Nguyen Huu The M.E. Mech., USA
Le Cong Hoai Vong M.Sc. Environment service, USA
Do Gia Tuyen B.E. Elect, Saudi Arabia
Le Quang Long B.E. Mech, New Zealand
Ngo Khoa Ba M.B.A., USA

51 Nguyen Hung B.E. Chem, Australia
La Le Cam Tu MSc., NanoScience Centre, Jyvaskyla University, Finland

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